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The MLC “dropshipping” at your e-commerce service!

The MLC “dropshipping” at your e-commerce service!

For a couple of years now, the practice of "dropshipping" has become very popular in e-commerce and has produced impressive results in the development of the turnover of the companies using it.

What is this modern sales model? On one hand we have the seller e-commerce that focuses 100% of its resources and capabilities in the promotion and online indexing of its stores and products, on the other hand we have the wholesaler that deals daily with receiving orders automatically from the online stores of the seller and sending them, on its behalf, directly to the end customer.

This practice allows those selling online not having to deal with purchase of products and manage shipping logistics. Vice versa, wholesalers to be able to concentrate their financial and human resources in the management of the warehouse without distractions from other activities.

This optimisation translates to two simple results: maximum cost contraction, and maximum profit increase.

"Mlcgift" immediately recognized the potential of this new way of doing business, and wanted to embrace and utilise this business idea by investing in tools and integration platforms that concretely helps all those who are willing to go down this route with e-shop on Ebay, Amazon or other e-commerce market place.

With a range of over 1200 original, popular items and gift ideas related to the world of music gadgets (such as mini guitars, key rings in the shape of the guitar, shoulder bags, decorative magnets for the fridge), daily updated inventories and downloadable, and photographic databases and a dedicated logistics team for a successful and fast delivery of orders, we place ourselves as a serious and reliable partner for building your business success.

Do you want to add our products to your e-commerce and to your sales platforms following a new way of doing business? We are waiting for you!

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